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Al Grott Cafe

Al grott cafe is one of Ticino finest grotto which provides a faultless restaurant dining experience and makes it one of the most popular grotto in the south of the alps. We are happy to propose traditional dishes based on old recipes. All the ingredients are from Ticino. All our menus are cooked on fire wood.





Taiada (mixed salami, ham, dry beef)
Air dry beef

Raw ham

Salametti (pork,dear,wild pork)
Vegetable soup (*)
Hand made Terrine (*)

Al GR8 Salad (Seasonal salad with fresh cheese and air dry beef)


Alps Cheese ( Valle Maggia - Piora )
Mixed cheese plate 
Zin Carlin (traditional fresh cheese from Valle di Muggio)

Main Dishes

 Polenta (*) cooked on fire served with:

Roasted beef(*) cooked with red wine sauce

Rabbit and mashrooms(*)
Melted Gorgonzola 

Polenta concia(*) ( Cheese and meat sauce)

Potatos (*) from wood oven with : 
Mixed grill  (Pork ribs, pork steak, sausages)
Pork steak
Pork sausage
Beef Entrecôte  
Lamb fillet

Cheese Fondue - upon reservation

(All our cheese fondues are made of local cheese 1/3, vacherin 1/3, Gruyère 1/3). The only place offering fondue with local cheese


  • tradition
  • with tomate sauce
  • with erbes
  • with mashrooms


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